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Qualitron E-1300 LVDT Gage Probes
The Qualitron E-1300 inductive gage probes feature the latest LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) full-bridge technology and are outstanding for accuracy and linearity.

E-1300 LVDT Gage Probes

  • rugged design for use in production gage fixtures of all types.

  • shockproof and protected against mechanical damage through a pre-loaded linear ball bearing for the plunger

  • mountable over their entire length

  • corrosion resistant stainless steel bodies and rubber plunger boots to seal out contaminants
E-1300 LVDT Probes are available in both:
  • Spring Push models for 3 measuring ranges. Spring Push models remain extended until pressed back.

    E1300 LVDT Probe - Spring Push

  • Pneumatic Push models for 3 measuring ranges. Pneumatic Push models remain retracted until triggered by air pressure.

    E1300 LVDT Probe - Pneumatic Push

E-1300 LVDT Probes - Spring Push Models

E-1300 LVDT Probe - Spring Push Model Specifications

E-1300 LVDT Probes - Pneumatic Push Models


E-1300 LVDT Probe Pneumatic Push Model Specifications

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