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Qualitron FlexProbe Digital LVDT Probes Link to ANY Software

FlexProbe Digital LVDT Probes

FlexProbe Digital LVDT Probes - to RS-232 or to Mitutoyo

Qualitron FlexProbe Digital LVDT Probe is a technological successor to the traditional LVDT.

FlexProbe converts the output of an LVDT probe into standard RS-232 (for direct input into the PC's or PLC's serial port) or into Mitutoyo output format (i.e., Qualitron GageNET), allowing easy automated input into any data acquisition or SPC data collection software.The FlexProbe is used for gaging and positioning measurement applications.

The FlexProbe is as robust as an LVDT probe, but provides better performance and cost savings over an LVDT.

FlexProbe's major advantages over traditional LVDTs are:

  • FlexProbe is fully integrated with its own electronics to provide a digital output, suitable for interfacing to a PC's or PLC's RS232 serial port, or to Mitutoyo-compatible system, such as the Qualitron GageNET. Whereas the LVDT requires expensive external signal conditioning and amplification circuitry, FlexProbe requires no additional circuitry.

  • FlexProbe is more accurate than LVDT. FlexProbe's accuracy / precision is linear over the entire measurement stroke / range, whereas LVDT attains optimum accuracy only close to the null point. LVDT loses its accuracy as it moves away from the null point.

  • FlexProbe is pre-calibrated at the factory. Since no mastering or calibration is required by the customer, FlexProbe's setup time is considerably easier and shorter. The LVDT requires MIN and MAX masters or calibration fixtures, time-consuming calibration procedures, and periodic recalibration.

FlexProbe combines the robust, ball bearing performance, resolution and repeatability of a traditional LVDT probe, with the ease of use and simplicity of a Digital Indicator.

FlexProbe handles a single LVDT probe. For handling of multiple LVDT probes, the Qualitron UII is available.

The Qualitron UII can collect up to 96 inputs (see Qualitron UII specs). Note that the Qualitron UII can connect any combination of up to 96 LVDT, Digital, Analog or RS-232 gages, probes, sensors, instruments, etc. to your PC at one time.




FlexProbe - LVDT to Analog ±10 VDC (115V or 220V AC Input Power)


FlexProbe - LVDT to Analog ±10 VDC (24V DC Input Power)


FlexProbe - LVDT to RS-232 -- without Digital Readout


FlexProbe - LVDT to Mitutoyo


FlexProbe - LVDT to RS-232 -- with Digital Readout


FlexProbe - LVDT to RS-232 with Digital Readout and two Hi/Lo Contact Closures

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