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Gage Interface Software

Activate Software Wedge and watch your serial data "pop" into your application.

Easy to set up and use. NO programming required.

Menu-driven step-by-step configuration.

Select how you want data collected.

Input real-time serial data in "keystroke mode" or
by DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) or
log serial data to disk file.

Define communication parameters for your serial device.

Define how you want serial data to be parsed, filtered, and translated.

Configure data to exact format needed.
Pre-define automatic serial output strings.
Set up Hot Keys.
Connect any serial instrument to your PC for direct input of real-time data into Excel, Lotus, Access, statistical software, SPC software, LIMS, Fix DMACS, other HMIs, spreadsheets, databases, word processors, VB, C++, custom applications, i.e. ... any DOS, Windows 3.x, 95/98 or NT application.

  • Capture and use real-time data directly from any serial gage, instrument or device: electronic scales & balances, industrial gages, sensors & meters, data loggers & PLCs, spectrometers & analyzers, modems & other PCs, etc.

  • Collect data on any serial port -- RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485, or from multiple serial ports simultaneously.

  • Transfer serial data quickly, absolutely accurately, and pre-formatted to your exact specifications.

  • Support for any serial data, including Binary, Hexadecimal, Octal, and ASCII. Support for direct Binary to Hex, and Hex and Octal to Decimal conversions.

  • 30 powerful math functions, including scaling, conversions, higher-order arithmetic and logical operators.

  • Powerful DDE support allows other applications to completely control Software Wedge and all serial I/O. Create data acquisition and device control interfaces from within Excel, Lotus, Access, Wonderware, Intellution, etc.

  • Full 32-bit version for Windows 95/98 & NT.

  • Communicate with any TCP/IP network port address, Ethernet / Internet, from any Windows application.

  • Full support for higher speed 16,550 UARTs and baud rates up to 56,000 baud.

  • Software Wedge product line consists of DOSWedge, DOSWedge Pro, WinWedge, WinWedge Pro and WinWedge 32 Pro.

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