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Qualitron UII and UII Jr. Link ANY Gage to ANY Software
The Qualitron UII (Universal Instrument Interface) is the superior measurement solution for the industrial user who needs to collect a variety of instrument data electronically. The UII transforms any IBM-compatible PC into a real-time data acquisition system capable of up to 96 inputs from any brand of LVDT, Digital, Analog, and RS-232 gages, sensors, probes, and instruments. No need for separate and expensive interfaces for each type of instrument -- a trully universal interface !

Users can take advantage of increased computing power of today's PC and implement a versatile data-acquisition system for real-time
  • SPC
  • CIM cell control
  • Data transfer for CNC machines and PLC's
  • LVDT calibration, mastering, and measurement
  • and much more.

Up to 96 inputs are allowed, enabling the user to input and monitor process data, such as, temperatures, pressures, speeds, weights, feeds, and electrical loads -- simultaneously with part dimensional data for automatic, accurate, and real-time process monitoring.

No additional A/D converters, signal-conditioners, nor complicated wiring is necessary -- all functions are handled by the Qualitron UII. The Qualitron software instrument driver takes care of the configuration, allowing fast and easy setup.

Qualitron UII Jr.

For the user who does not require more than 6 gages or instruments, Qualitron has developed the UII Jr. It has all the features and technical advantages of the UII, but is limited to 6 inputs. The UII Jr. consists of a single ISA bus card, which has the DB-9 gage connectors mounted directly on the card.

The UII Jr. is available as either a 3-input or 6-input model. An optional feature includes the front mounting bracket, which fits into an empty 5.25" floppy bay to provide convenient access to the connectors. A cable is provided to connect the front mounting bracket to the bus card.
Patent Pending
Qualitron UII shown with 24 ports
Qualitron UII

Qualitron UII Jr. shown with 6 inputs
Qualitron UII Jr.

Versatile I/O Capability

The Qualitron UII and UII Jr. are unparalleled in performance. They interface any LVDT, Digital, Analog, and RS-232 gage/instrument with any software program. With the Qualitron UII system, your software automatically accepts the data as if it were typed into the program at the appropriate time and place. Other features:

  • Combined with SPC Data Collection Software, UII turns any PC into a multi-channel automated SPC Gaging Station, see Industrial Computers.

  • The external UII I/O probe junction box is ideal to mount on an interchangeable gaging fixture station. Single quick-disconnect connector on a cable (up to 500 ft. long) can connect up to 96 probes/gages to a remote SPC Workstation.

  • Connect any manufacturers' LVDT probes (½ bridge or full bridge), e.g., Marposs, Air Gage, Solartron, Mitutoyo, Brown & Sharpe, RDP Electrosense, Mahr, Machsize, IET Sensors, GCS Emtron, Schaevitz, Federal Products, etc., to your PC at one time. LVDT probe calibration and mastering is performed by the Qualitron UII system.

  • Data can be stored for future analysis with the assurance that it is accurate and complete. This is accomplished due to the ability to enter readings from any gage or instrument with electronic output directly into any Windows software program when using the Qualitron UII or UII Jr.

  • In addition to accepting data, the Qualitron UII can send digital signals through the same ports to control CNC machines or communicate with PLC's, to download or upload software programs.

  • With the Qualitron UII, you receive Qualitron Systems, Inc.'s menu driven UII GageServer software for MS Windows 95/98 and NT. This software allows you to specify and define the gage/instrument type, and define how and where the data is to be entered into your software. UII GageServer software can be installed on any IBM-compatible PC.

Order Number:

UII / 8 Ports..................30-030/30-030Q

UII / 16 Ports................30-031/30-031Q

UII / 24 Ports................30-032/30-032Q

UII Footswitch.............................30-040

UII Jr./ 3 Ports.............................30-041

UII Jr./ 6 Ports.............................30-042

UII Mounting Plate.......................30-043

For more details on Qualitron UII, click here for Qualitron UII Specifications.

Industrial Gaging Workstations

LVDT Gaging Workstation

Qualitron Q3000 Gaging Series

Industrial Touch Screen Computer
With Built-in Qualitron UII
(shown on side panel of the Q3000)

The Qualitron UII, combined with the Qualitron Industrial Computers, creates a complete stand-alone or networked
Gaging Workstation.

This unique combination provides built-in Gage & LVDT Interface Capabilities for real-time control and automated data collection.


  • Up to 24 built-in ports, expandable to 96 I/O ports

  • Connect any LVDT, digital, analog, and RS-232 gages, sensors, probes directly to Q3000 Industrial Computers -- mix & match

  • Connect any manufacturers' LVDT probes (½ bridge or full bridge), e.g., Marposs, Air Gage, Solartron, Mitutoyo, Brown & Sharpe, RDP Electrosense, Mahr, Machsize, IET Sensors, GCS Emtron, Schaevitz, Federal Products, etc., directly to Q3000 Industrial Computers

  • Use with any third party SPC software or other data acquisition software

Qualitron Q4000 Industrial Touch Screen Computer with Qualitron UII Universal Data Collector

Qualitron Q4000 Series

Industrial Touch Screen Computer
With external Qualitron UII
The Qualitron Gaging Workstations are complete and integrated solutions to your factory floor, gaging requirements.

Users can interface any brand of digital, analog and RS-232 gages, LVDT probes, sensors, and other instruments with any data collection software -- by taking advantage of the high-speed performance and unparalleled data acquisition capabilities of the Qualitron Industrial Computers and the Qualitron UII Universal Gage Interfaces.

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Qualitron Systems

Sales: 248-370-0100 or Email Sales

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