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Qualitron UII and UII Jr. Specifications

Qualitron UII Application Diagram

Standard Design

  • One ISA expansion board
  • Up to four I/O modules with 8, 16, or 24 channels per module (specify when ordering) for a total of 96 channels per UII system
  • 3 or 6 channels for the UII Jr.
  • 6 ft. cable to connect UII I/O box to expansion board
  • UII GageServer software on 3.5-in. floppy for MS Windows 95/98 and NT
  • One-year free upgrades on UII GageServer software and Operator's Manual


  • Additional UII I/O boxes and /or channels
  • Footswitch to activate input of gage/instrument data
  • Cables up to 500 ft. to connect UII I/O box to expansion board
  • Pre-wired gage/instrument cables to connect to UII box
  • Tempcon thermocouple cold junction compensator

General Specifications

  • Functions in any IBM-compatible computer with one free ISA expansion slot
  • Full size expansion board which fits low height housing
  • UII I/O box measures 15-in. L x 5.5-in. W x 2.5-in. H
  • 9-pin UII I/O box port consists of three user configurable digital I/O's, two digital lines that are input only,
    one analog input line, one +12VDC power line, one -12VDC power line, and one ground line
  • Directly interfaces to any Analog, Digital, RS-232 or LVDT (½ bridge, full bridge or LVDT configuration) gages, sensors, probes, instruments -- mix & match
  • Activation of gage/instrument readings can be triggered automatically by remote foot switch, user program
  • No additional power supply required. All special voltages are generated in the UII I/O box.
  • Onboard microprocessor with 32K-byte local memory plus 2K DATA FIFO
  • Computer with UII expansion board can be located up to 500 ft. from UII I/O box when using properly shielded cable

Analog Input Specifications

  • Analog gaging/instrumentation can be located up to 25 ft. from I/O box when using properly shielded cable
  • A/D converter built in, no external A/D converter required
  • Individual programmable gain per channel of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, and 128.
    At a programmed gain of 1, the full scale range of the A/D converter is +/- 2.50VDC (76uVDC resolution).
    And at a gain of 128, the full scale range of the A/D converter is +/-19.5mVDC (.6uVDC resolution).
    Additional or variable gains can be generated by the simple addition of two external resistors per UII I/O box port.
  • A/D converter features:
    - 16-bit conversion accuracy
    - 20,000 samples per second conversion rate
  • Internal track and hold amplifier
  • On-chip voltage reference
  • Linear-phase digital filter
  • 84dB dynamic range
  • 80dB total harmonic distortion
  • User selectable low pass noise filter (20KHz or 30Hz)

Digital Input / Output Specifications

  • Digital gaging/instrumentation can be located up to 25 ft. from I/O box when using properly shielded cable
  • User configurable input ranges of 0 to +/-5VDC, 0 to +/-12VDC, +/-5VDC, or +/-12VDC
  • Configurable output ranges of 0 to +5VDC or 0 to +12VDC
  • Each port is capable of RS-232 communication from 150 Baud thru 19.2K-Baud
  • Accepts synchronous serial data up to 1M-Bit/sec
  • Accepts 4 bit parallel data up to 1M Nibble (4-bit block)/sec.

LVDT Input Specifications

  • Accepts all standard ½ and full bridge LVDTs and RVDTs
  • No external conditioning circuitry required
  • 16-bit resolution with 500Hz filter
  • Auto-tuning -- eliminates the need for user adjustment
  • Contains onboard 10KHz oscillator signal generator for driving LVDTs

UII GageServer Software

Qualitron UII GageServer (UIIGS) software will enable any software program that supports the DDE communication protocol to accept signals from any gage/instrument via the Qualitron UII.

The UIIGS software creates all necessary files, which are used to declare the gage/instrument assignment for each port. The UII also handles the calibration and mastering routines of LVDT and Analog probes. Several UIIGS configuration files can be created to facilitate multiple gage configurations while using the same UII unit. The UIIGS is compatible with MS Windows 95/98 and NT.

The UII can also be easily customized, through custom DLL, for use with any third-party SPC or Data Acquisition software. A number of available SPC software packages already have a direct interface with the Qualitron UII.

Contact Qualitron Systems for information or a quote for custom DLL to your software.

Order Number:

UII / 8 Ports..................30-030/30-030Q

UII / 16 Ports................30-031/30-031Q

UII / 24 Ports................30-032/30-032Q

UII Footswitch.............................30-040

UII Jr./ 3 Ports.............................30-041

UII Jr./ 6 Ports.............................30-042

UII Mounting Plate.......................30-043

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