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Qualitron GageNET Link ANY Digital Gage to ANY Software
When you need to collect and analyze data from a variety of different digital gages, the Qualitron GageNET transforms your host computer into an all-purpose, multi-gage data collector. You can easily interface as many as 64 gages to a single PC's or PLC's RS-232 serial port, by multiplexing several GageNET 1, 2 or 4 input models together.

With the GageNET multiple gage interface, you can mix and match different types of micrometers, calipers, indicators and other gages from any manufacturer directly into any software.

GageNET accepts output directly from any Mitutoyo compatible gages, all MTI Digimatic gages, Federal Maxum, µMaxum, CDI Logic, etc. (95% of the digital gage market), using standard, low cost gage cables. This flexibility can be expanded to any digital gage on the market by using the Qualitron FlexCable.

GageNET Multiple Input Digital Gage Interfaces

GageNET can be configured to operate in static mode (instant reading), or dynamic mode (MIN, MAX, TIR) for each individual channel. The input channels can be individually controlled - triggered externally by the gage's SEND button, foot switch or simple host commands.

The GageNET interface may also be configured to sequentially collect data from all available channels with the press of a single SEND button, foot switch or host command.

GageNET converts gage input from all gages into a standard ASCII / RS-232 output string in either reading only, full comma delimited output, or Mitutoyo output string, allowing easy incorporation into any SPC or other data collection software.

GageNET is the most advanced gage interface product on the market, specifically designed to withstand the harsh shop floor environment. Its robust design incorporates the latest microcontroller technology, resulting in improved performance and small footprint, -- allowing us to offer the lowest cost, easy to use gage interfaces. All Qualitron Gage Interfaces come with a lifetime warranty.

  • 1, 2 and 4 Input Models

  • Plug & Play setup - No software configuration or internal switch settings needed.

  • Directly connect Mitutoyo-compatible gages, Federal Maxum, µMaxum, CDI Logic, etc. (95% of digital hand tools in use today). Use our Qualitron FlexCable to connect all others.

  • Individually selectable MIN, MAX and TIR modes.

  • Up to 64 digital gages can be multiplexed to a single RS-232 port.

  • Individual foot switch jack and LED indicator for each port.

  • Lifetime Warranty. Buy from the original developer of these gage interfaces since 1992. Do not settle for imitations !


  • Dimensions: 4 in. wide x 3 in. long x 1 in. high

  • Power Requirements: External 9V DC Power Supply
  • Input Jack: 4 x Mitutoyo sockets

  • Input Protocol: Mitutoyo-compatible gages, including all MTI Digimatic gages, Federal Maxum, µMaxum, Dimension Air, CDI Logic Series, Starrett Wisdom, Chatillon DFIS, Fowler Ultra Logic, or Qualitron FlexCable
  • Output Jack: RS-232, 25 pin DBF

  • Output Protocol: ASCII / RS-232 format: 9600 (or 4800, 2400, 1200), N, 8, 1.
    With 3 string formats, where <CR> refers to carriage return and <LF> refers to line feed:
• Reading only: <± reading value><CR><LF>
e.g. +2.0210<CR><LF>

• Full comma-delimited: <reading#>, <± reading value>, <mode>, <port#><CR><LF>
e.g. 001, +2.0210, NRM, 01<CR><LF>

• Mitutoyo Mux-10: <port#>A<± reading value><CR>
e.g. 01A+002.0210<CR>

  • Modes of Operation:
    Static (Normal = NRM) mode operation.
    2) Dynamic (MIN, MAX, or TIR) mode operation.
    3) Foot switch may operate in Normal or Global mode operation.
    4) Select mode operation using externally accessible DIP switches.

  • Foot Switch: External foot switch jack for remote triggering of gage reading (one jack per input port).
  • LED Indicator: Indicates power on reset or data sent.

ORDER NUMBER: Interfaces

GageNET 1......................... 10-010

GageNET 2......................... 10-020

GageNET 4......................... 10-040

FlexCable............................ 20-XXX (specify gage type)

Serial Keyboard Wedge........ 30-050

ORDER NUMBER: Accessories

External Power Supply........... 30-10E

PC Cable (25 Pin).................. 30-30

PC Cable (9 Pin).................... 30-35

Multiplex Cable ..................... 30-47
(connects up to 4 GageNET units)

Industrial Foot Switch............. 30-55

Hand Switch.......................... 30-56


• GageNET 2 and 4 include external power supply and PC interface cable (9 or 25 Pin).
• GageNET 1 or FlexCable requires no external supply.

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Sales: 248-370-0100 or Email Sales

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