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Qualitron Q100 HandheldPalm Data Collection

Power & Value Combined

The Qualitron Q100 Handheld Data Collector takes advantage of new technology that has made powerful handheld computers inexpensive and easy to use. The hardware and software in the Q100™ turn a standard Palm™ computer into a powerful data collection system. Via the Q100's QLink adaptor, values are easily read from Mitutoyo compatatble gages including calipers, indicators, and micrometers. Don't have a Mitutoyo compatable gage? Not to worry. The QLink adaptor can convert the output from over 300 gages into Mitutoyo compatable output!

Qualitron Industrial Touch Screen Computers

Q100 Handheld Collector



  • Install wizard makes setting up simple
  • Track up to three separate dimentions
  • Set your own specification limits
  • Audible alarm for out of spec measurments
  • Display your data in graph format
  • Attach notes to any point

Qualitron UII and UII Jr. Universal Data Collectors


Take your measurements from gate to PC. All you need is a PC running Windows 95, 98, or NT a Mitutoyo compatable gage and our Q100 handheld computer.


Qualitron GageNET and FlexCable Digital Gage Interfaces



Because of good old competition Palm™ computers cost less than other hand held systems. For example a complete Q100 system starts at only $599. Or if you already own a Palm computer, just purchase the Q100 software and QLink adaptor for $399!

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