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SPC Software

FSWorks SPC Complete Package


FSWorks is the most complete factory floor Statistical Process Control software package on the market. This feature-packed powerhouse software is designed specifically for touchscreen computers, such as Qualitron Systems Q4000 and Q3000 Series factory workstations,

The touchscreen capability makes it much easier for the operator to enter data, clear messages, depress virtual switches, retrieve specification plans, and much more.


FSMonitor Chart




FSMonitor gives users, from supervisors to CEO's, the opportunity to view their processes, current production rates and machine efficiencies in real-time. Think of monitoring this way ... you are viewing your operations globally on a large screen display and a red dot appears. You drill down to the country, then to the state, then plant, department, workstation, machine, process ... until you have the exact cause of the alarm, for example, "Worn Tool."

In conjunction with the SPC measurement data collection, FSMonitor automatically collects data regarding the machine status (up, down, run and idle) to provide for "Overall Equipment Effectiveness" (OEE). The OEE data can be collected from discrete I/O, OPC or other user-provided connections.


FACS SPC Chart and Graph



FACS (Factory Audit and Control System) is the latest generation of Statistical Process Control (SPC) software. This browser-based software offers central management of factory floor SPC and quality conrol management information.

Quality plans, setup information, process-related data and communications for your SPC Factory Workstations are all managed by FACS. This package is Windows 2000/XP/Vista-compatible.


DOE Software

DOES Paired Comparison Analysis


DoES 3.0 - Red X Methodology

DoES Design of Experiments Simplified captures the intuitive RED X Methodology for quality improvement, as described by Keki Bhote in his book World Class Quality. DoES simplifies and automates the intensive math and interpretation process associated with DOE. DoES tools for Variability Reduction include: isoplot analysis, multi-vari analysis, paired comparisons, components search, full factorials, fractional factorials, t-test, scatter plots, B vs. C, variables search.




Gage Interface Software

Software Wedge for Windows and DOS


SoftwareWedge Gage Interface Software

SoftwareWedge captures real-time data directly from any serial gage, instrument or device and use in Excel, Lotus, Access, statistical software, LIMS, Fix DMACS, word processors, VB, C++ -- any DOS, Windows 3.x, 95/98 or NT application. Collect data on any serial port -- RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485.

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